Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Black Friday

My mom and sister met me at my apartment early in the morning. We first headed to Target, but decided it was way too crowded. After that we hit Kohl's and Old Navy and made some purchases. We ate breakfast at Panera and then had to grab some coffee at Starbucks.

After our shopping we met up with the boys at the rental house, they ate breakfast at Beth's Cafe. We all headed into Seattle, but had to stop on Alki Beach for a photo op. Check out my sister's blog to see a photo were more of us actually got some air.

In Seattle we wandered around Pike's Market, ate lunch (and if you know my family you can guess it, tried some beer) at Pike's Brewery, placed gum in Post Alley and got more Starbucks at the original store.

After Pike's we went on the Underground Tour, this has great insight into the "whys" that occur after you are in Seattle for more than a day plus is fairly entertaining.

We had planned on doing dinner at Salty's, but didn't call ahead for reservations. We ended up eating at the rental house, playing more games and drinking some wine. Eventually we decided we should go out, so my dad dropped us off at the Celtic Swell. The atmosphere was great and the boys especially had a good time.

On the walk home Big B and my brother brushed up on their Parkour.

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Jenn said...

Kelly took me on the Underground Tour when I came and visited her and it was SO AWESOME! I always tell my hubs that I don't think we have anything cool like that in Denver. I loved looking up and seeing that stained glass in the sidewalk.