Monday, September 29, 2008

Graduation, Housewarming, Engagement Party and more

This weekend was a pretty busy weekend. Started out with my brother-in-law's graduation party, he is now Master P. Some delicious food...Master P's salsa was probably my favorite. I played some bean bag games with the folks, my mom and I's game was pretty short.

Then onto a  housewarming/engagement party in Wheatridge. They have a nice duplex and some more delicious food, plus sunshine on tap.

After a while there it was time to head back to Fort Collins. Big B went to soccer and I met the parents, my sister and Master P at Bisetti's for some more good you notice a theme here?

Sunday I woke up early to volunteer at the Doggie Olympics. This is a great event to watch people interact with their dogs. Dogs compete in different events, for example a duck retrival or timed race. It is always good to see the Community Outreach coordinator, who is also my friend, and I met a nice volunteer I hadn't met before. Although I was a bit disappointed in the attendees this year and the best trick...they have to be something Haley doesn't know or I couldn't teach her in a day to impress me.

After the dog adventure Big B and I went and watched the end of the Broncos game at CB Potts. I can't believe they lost to one of the worst teams in the league! Later I watched Big B's soccer game.

Friday, September 26, 2008

First Blog

I enjoy reading the blogs of others so I thought I would try it out too!

Today was an interesting day at work. We were wrapping up a big project and the office was buzzing. We had the 5 "normal" staff, 8 temps (missing another 1) and 5 dogs. To the add to the excitement we had a toilet overflow. There was water everywhere! Too bad Carlos didn't have a squegee because I could have used my awesome kennel cleaning skills to clean it up a bit better. I did as much as I could with a broom and Keven (a coworker) helped me out with a mop. Hopeful the House Doctors can work some magic and there will not be too much damage.

On a side note, Haley is doing so well with the other proud of her!

After work a few of us headed to the Dark Knight (a new place in Boulder, or at least for me) for a burger and beer.