Saturday, December 11, 2010


For the last 2 years I have been growing out my hair to donate it.  I grew out my hair and donated it in 2004, I felt good giving my hair to someone who needed it, however when I cut off my hair it was much shorter than I liked and was really frustrated while working out since I couldn't throw it into a ponytail.
My hair right before I cut it last time, not the most flattering photo.                 My hair about a year after I cut it off.

So, this time I am growing it a bit longer so it isn't quite so short when I chop it.  But boy is my hair driving me crazy!!  
I tried to take this picture one night before I was going out, but the flash kept washing me out, obviously.  However, you can kinda see how long my hair is getting.

Next time I go in to my hairdresser I am not sure if I will just trim it, or cut it off, but don't know what style to go with if I donate it.  Any ideas?  

Speaking of hair, check out how crazy mine can get!!  This is after a run in May.  I think it was a combination of sweat and then lots and lots of rain.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

My Cousin's Wedding

My cousin got married in Las Vegas in October.  (As a side note this is my second cousin to get married in Vegas).  It was a nice opportunity to get out of town and visit somewhere other than Colorado, I LOVE Colorado, but like to visit other places also!
Here are some photo highlights:
First dance

This is what happens to your feet when you don't wear shoes.

My brother and his friend enjoying the festivities.

My other cousin and I.

While we were in Vegas we also did a lot of walking, some gambling, rode the New York, New York coaster, and went through the 13th Floor Haunted House at Circus Circus.

We also spent some time with my friend, right in time, just a week before she moved to San Diego.  We enjoyed some all-you-can-eat sushi, yumm!

At MGM we played in the lazy river, watched Ka (amazing!) and enjoyed some time watching the lions.

Friday, June 25, 2010

Blog Maintenance

I just realized how far behind I am on my side bars.  I know I have seen many more movies since Avatar, that will just have to miss some movies.  Also, I have read some books recently, but I believe I can track those down.  Lastly I finally updated my time, didn't realize it was on Mountain, oops!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

My Weekend

Yesterday I volunteered at the humane society and as always walked great dogs looking for new homes.

After the volunteer shift I attended a graduation party.  One of the ladies that works with me had both sons graduate this year, one from high school and one from college.  They knew that I was home alone for a couple weeks and were gracious enough to invite me to attend.  There was some great food and I met some new people.

On my way home I went shopping.  Here is some fun stuff I saw at Fireworks:

These are cutting boards that are labeled for what you would cut up in order to reduce cross-contamination.

Also found this perfume.  This was my favorite smell that they had available, but looks like they have more interesting combinations.

This morning I ran in the Furry 5k.  Best time in a 5k for me (despite a pretty big hill and a quick water break)!  Here is a link to my results.
The finish line and a runner who ran with 3 dogs!

View of Lake Washington from Seward Park.  This is looking south from the south side of the park.  I also caught a pair of ducks in the picture, I love those duck couples.

Friday, June 18, 2010

My new blog

I started a new blog.  My intention is to keep logs of hikes, runs, etc. that I do as a volunteer.  I thought it would be a good way to remember some cool dogs and the beautiful hikes I go on.  Check it out if you are interested,

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Last few weeks in picture review

Below is some of activities that has been happening the last few weeks, with pictures from my new phone, fancy!!

Haley sticking close while Big B  was in Las Vegas for a Bachelor Party.

Mars excited that Big B  was gone, since I turned the heat on for a bit.

Owen's Beach in Point Defiance, Tacoma looking towards the north.

Looking towards the south and the Port of Tacoma.

Getting ready to "march" for babies.

The group on the way up the BIG hill.

Flowering bush outside of apartment. There are flowers everywhere right now! So far I am enjoying most of the seasons here in Washington.

View from one of the trails I run on, this one is by work.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Trip to the Space Needle

Last weekend I surprised Big B  and we went to the Space Needle to have brunch at Sky City and to enjoy the view.
The reason we went was really because I fell for an April Fool's joke. I had been driving on a short errand and heard a snatch of conversation on the radio. They were discussing the fact that the Space Needle would be closed to the public after May 1st (or 30th, I can't recall which one) in order to build condos where the restaurant currently is located. My first thought was that this was a shame, the second was the fact that Big B hadn't been up in the Space Needle yet. I didn't think that you should live in Seattle and never have experienced this tourist activity. So as soon as possible I got online and made a reservation at the restaurant.
A few days before our reservation I was discussing the whole thing with a coworker and went to show her information on the web, that is when I discovered I had been duked! I guess you grow soft when all the other April Fool's jokes you hear are along the lines of "I have a doctor's appointment today, April Fools!"
Anyways the experience was still fun and the food was surprisingly tasty (I hadn't heard the best reviews). Here are some photos from the observation deck, for some reason we didn't take any in the restaurant.
Me with the north skyline behind me.

A helicopter that was even with us. A seaplane also flew by to land on Lake Union.

Looking towards the port of Seattle.

Looking east towards Bellevue.

Lake Union

Looking towards the northwest.

Kinda hard to get us and the skyline without assistance (we didn't feel like trying to flag someone down to help us).

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Great Saturday Morning

This morning I walked some wonderful dogs. I usually have a few I like each week, but everyone was great today! I thought I would tell you about them:

I didn't walk Sasha today, but she is a fantastic dog....intelligent and athletic.

Simon, smart little boy (especially for a chihuahua) with some nice manners.

Sara was so well behaved on our walk. She knows all her basic commands and walks better than 90% of the other dogs I have walked.

Roxie was a smart dog!!!!! I was playing tug and practicing "drop it" she quickly learned the command and then tried tugging 2 times and then dropping it in hopes of earning more treats. She also would leave my treat bag alone, but as soon as I clicked she was nosing it.

This dog reminded me of Haley a lot...just look at that sweet expression. She could lose a few pounds, but so could a lot of us :) Such a sweetheart and nice walker also.

This cocker was also a nice walker and quiet.

Alice was also fantastic (although this is the best photo of her). Rottie mix, so black but has brindle in the tan areas. She was just recovering from her spay, so on restricted activity. I was sitting on a blanket with her and she was trying so hard to get me to play with the stuffed bone she had found. Hilarious dog, but sweet to boot!

After volunteering I went for a run on the Cedar River Trail. On the run 3 deer crossed my path, the last one was about 15 feet away. I hadn't seen any deer in Washington yet, so it was pretty exciting to see them and up so close. I also saw, what I believe to be a Swainson's Hawk. Not only did I see some animals, but the flowers are blooming even more than they have been, wild flowers are starting to come out everywhere!

Great day so far and heading to the casinos tonight! Plus some fun plans for tomorrow, I will try to post the details and pictures later.

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Two visits to Portland in one month!

The second weekend in March we went down to Portland. We were lucky enough to enjoy another Winterhawk game. The Winterhawks beat the Tri-City Americans and we enjoyed some good BBQ and beer. After the game we went by the normal after game spot (for Big B's aunt and Uncle), Chez Jose. Chez Jose has a pretty good happy hour menu and good deals on beer.

The next morning we had breakfast at Stepping Stones Cafe, which is known for their Man-Cakes...very, very LARGE pancakes. I ordered the cinnamon roll french toast which was good, but not nearly as tasty as Silver Grill's Maxie French Toast. Plus I missed having the french toast with eggs and hashbrowns.

After breakfast we went up to Pittock Mansion where there is a great view of Portland.

Although it was a bit cloudy on this particular Saturday.

Two weeks later we went down to visit Big B's aunt and uncle again, but also his sister and her boyfriend. Big B had to work most of Saturday, but luckily we made it just after the Winterhawk's game began. It was a play-off game and they played Spokane, but unfortunately they lost the game. However, they are playing the seventh game tonight and hopefully will win! Again after the game we went to Chez Jose.

Big B  and I spent the night at the Hotel Lucia since the spare bedroom at Big B's aunt's house was already reserved. It was a really nice hotel, actually reminded me a lot of the hotel in Lucca. The hotel also seemed to be in a good location with lots of bars nearby, although the only parking available was valet.

The next morning we met Big B's aunt, sister and her boyfriend and then headed to breakfast. I had a scramble with salmon, cream cheese and dill. It was served with potatoes and a choice of bread, I chose the vanilla scone. Very tasty!!!

After breakfast we drove up the Columbia River Gorge to Multnomah Falls. The falls were beautiful, but I didn't do much hiking because for once I had not packed to be prepared for anything. It was also pouring!!! But Big B, his sister and her boyfriend hiked to the top and Big B was nice enough to take photos for me.

Bottom of the falls.

I hiked to the bridge.

The top of the falls.

View across the Gorge as the clouds were starting to lift a bit.

I had to head home shortly after the hike while Big B stayed another day. Luckily I knew someone who needed a ride back to Federal Way, so I had some company for the drive back.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Birthday Surprise

For my sister's 30th birthday I flew to Colorado to surprise her. It is always great to visit family! I especially miss shopping and working out with my sister, so of course we did some of each. The weekend was also full of eating...

And surprises....

And snow...

But no sun like I had been missing and hoped to soak in. Notice the sun Mars is basking in when I arrived home to the apartment in rainy Washington.

Cute Picture

I just found this cute picture of Summer, my mom, Brewster and Haley (left and clockwise).

Monday, March 15, 2010

Monday before Big B's parents went home

We finally made it to Beth's Cafe. The food was great, although way too much for me to eat...even with a small order. After the cafe we headed to the Pacific Science Center. We walked under the Space Needle, the first time I have done this since my family visited when we were younger.

They had a lot of cool exhibits and we didn't actually make it through the whole center. My favorite area was the bug area.

Especially the butterfly area. Big B's mom had the privilege of having one land on her.

A table that makes everyone look small, not the norm!