Saturday, May 8, 2010

Last few weeks in picture review

Below is some of activities that has been happening the last few weeks, with pictures from my new phone, fancy!!

Haley sticking close while Big B  was in Las Vegas for a Bachelor Party.

Mars excited that Big B  was gone, since I turned the heat on for a bit.

Owen's Beach in Point Defiance, Tacoma looking towards the north.

Looking towards the south and the Port of Tacoma.

Getting ready to "march" for babies.

The group on the way up the BIG hill.

Flowering bush outside of apartment. There are flowers everywhere right now! So far I am enjoying most of the seasons here in Washington.

View from one of the trails I run on, this one is by work.


Curtis Jones said...

Your phone takes GREAT pictures--what is it?

Amanda said...

It is a HTC Incredible. I am really liking it so far!