Sunday, April 18, 2010

Trip to the Space Needle

Last weekend I surprised Big B  and we went to the Space Needle to have brunch at Sky City and to enjoy the view.
The reason we went was really because I fell for an April Fool's joke. I had been driving on a short errand and heard a snatch of conversation on the radio. They were discussing the fact that the Space Needle would be closed to the public after May 1st (or 30th, I can't recall which one) in order to build condos where the restaurant currently is located. My first thought was that this was a shame, the second was the fact that Big B hadn't been up in the Space Needle yet. I didn't think that you should live in Seattle and never have experienced this tourist activity. So as soon as possible I got online and made a reservation at the restaurant.
A few days before our reservation I was discussing the whole thing with a coworker and went to show her information on the web, that is when I discovered I had been duked! I guess you grow soft when all the other April Fool's jokes you hear are along the lines of "I have a doctor's appointment today, April Fools!"
Anyways the experience was still fun and the food was surprisingly tasty (I hadn't heard the best reviews). Here are some photos from the observation deck, for some reason we didn't take any in the restaurant.
Me with the north skyline behind me.

A helicopter that was even with us. A seaplane also flew by to land on Lake Union.

Looking towards the port of Seattle.

Looking east towards Bellevue.

Lake Union

Looking towards the northwest.

Kinda hard to get us and the skyline without assistance (we didn't feel like trying to flag someone down to help us).

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