Saturday, April 10, 2010

Great Saturday Morning

This morning I walked some wonderful dogs. I usually have a few I like each week, but everyone was great today! I thought I would tell you about them:

I didn't walk Sasha today, but she is a fantastic dog....intelligent and athletic.

Simon, smart little boy (especially for a chihuahua) with some nice manners.

Sara was so well behaved on our walk. She knows all her basic commands and walks better than 90% of the other dogs I have walked.

Roxie was a smart dog!!!!! I was playing tug and practicing "drop it" she quickly learned the command and then tried tugging 2 times and then dropping it in hopes of earning more treats. She also would leave my treat bag alone, but as soon as I clicked she was nosing it.

This dog reminded me of Haley a lot...just look at that sweet expression. She could lose a few pounds, but so could a lot of us :) Such a sweetheart and nice walker also.

This cocker was also a nice walker and quiet.

Alice was also fantastic (although this is the best photo of her). Rottie mix, so black but has brindle in the tan areas. She was just recovering from her spay, so on restricted activity. I was sitting on a blanket with her and she was trying so hard to get me to play with the stuffed bone she had found. Hilarious dog, but sweet to boot!

After volunteering I went for a run on the Cedar River Trail. On the run 3 deer crossed my path, the last one was about 15 feet away. I hadn't seen any deer in Washington yet, so it was pretty exciting to see them and up so close. I also saw, what I believe to be a Swainson's Hawk. Not only did I see some animals, but the flowers are blooming even more than they have been, wild flowers are starting to come out everywhere!

Great day so far and heading to the casinos tonight! Plus some fun plans for tomorrow, I will try to post the details and pictures later.


Kortney said...

Sara is very cute. Who took the pictures?

Amanda said...

Photo volunteers at the humane society, I just copied them from their website :) Obviously there are some good photographers and some that aren't as good.