Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Two visits to Portland in one month!

The second weekend in March we went down to Portland. We were lucky enough to enjoy another Winterhawk game. The Winterhawks beat the Tri-City Americans and we enjoyed some good BBQ and beer. After the game we went by the normal after game spot (for Big B's aunt and Uncle), Chez Jose. Chez Jose has a pretty good happy hour menu and good deals on beer.

The next morning we had breakfast at Stepping Stones Cafe, which is known for their Man-Cakes...very, very LARGE pancakes. I ordered the cinnamon roll french toast which was good, but not nearly as tasty as Silver Grill's Maxie French Toast. Plus I missed having the french toast with eggs and hashbrowns.

After breakfast we went up to Pittock Mansion where there is a great view of Portland.

Although it was a bit cloudy on this particular Saturday.

Two weeks later we went down to visit Big B's aunt and uncle again, but also his sister and her boyfriend. Big B had to work most of Saturday, but luckily we made it just after the Winterhawk's game began. It was a play-off game and they played Spokane, but unfortunately they lost the game. However, they are playing the seventh game tonight and hopefully will win! Again after the game we went to Chez Jose.

Big B  and I spent the night at the Hotel Lucia since the spare bedroom at Big B's aunt's house was already reserved. It was a really nice hotel, actually reminded me a lot of the hotel in Lucca. The hotel also seemed to be in a good location with lots of bars nearby, although the only parking available was valet.

The next morning we met Big B's aunt, sister and her boyfriend and then headed to breakfast. I had a scramble with salmon, cream cheese and dill. It was served with potatoes and a choice of bread, I chose the vanilla scone. Very tasty!!!

After breakfast we drove up the Columbia River Gorge to Multnomah Falls. The falls were beautiful, but I didn't do much hiking because for once I had not packed to be prepared for anything. It was also pouring!!! But Big B, his sister and her boyfriend hiked to the top and Big B was nice enough to take photos for me.

Bottom of the falls.

I hiked to the bridge.

The top of the falls.

View across the Gorge as the clouds were starting to lift a bit.

I had to head home shortly after the hike while Big B stayed another day. Luckily I knew someone who needed a ride back to Federal Way, so I had some company for the drive back.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Birthday Surprise

For my sister's 30th birthday I flew to Colorado to surprise her. It is always great to visit family! I especially miss shopping and working out with my sister, so of course we did some of each. The weekend was also full of eating...

And surprises....

And snow...

But no sun like I had been missing and hoped to soak in. Notice the sun Mars is basking in when I arrived home to the apartment in rainy Washington.

Cute Picture

I just found this cute picture of Summer, my mom, Brewster and Haley (left and clockwise).

Monday, March 15, 2010

Monday before Big B's parents went home

We finally made it to Beth's Cafe. The food was great, although way too much for me to eat...even with a small order. After the cafe we headed to the Pacific Science Center. We walked under the Space Needle, the first time I have done this since my family visited when we were younger.

They had a lot of cool exhibits and we didn't actually make it through the whole center. My favorite area was the bug area.

Especially the butterfly area. Big B's mom had the privilege of having one land on her.

A table that makes everyone look small, not the norm!

Friday, March 5, 2010

New Years Eve and Vancouver

Big B's mom and step-dad came out for his birthday. They arrived on New Year's Eve. We grabbed some dinner at Duke's Chowder House and rang in the new year playing Rock Band.
The next day we drove up to Vancouver, BC. Big B rented a car and we ended up with an Armada. It seemed a bit large at first, but ended up being nice because there was so much room for all of our luggage.
The plan was to grab breakfast at Beth's Cafe, but we didn't consider the crowd that would be excited to eat off their hangover, there was a line out the door! We finally found Scott's Bar and Grill and the food was pretty tasty. After eating we continued driving north.

After arriving in Vancouver we checked into the hotel and then wandered into the downtown area. We walked and window shopped for a while. Eventually we all worked up an appetite and decided to eat at Joe Fortes. There was some great local beer and lots of local food choices, I had mussels and frites.

After dinner we walked around a bit more and visited an ice rink constructed in honor of the Olympics.

While we were wondering around we found a place with blueberry pancakes. So the next morning we went to breakfast there. Our waitress was great and said that the nicest people she meets are always from Colorado or Calgary...that is always nice to hear!

After breakfast we headed to Chinatown. We went through the gardens, which very peaceful

We stopped by a coffee/tea shop so that we could warm up. There were a lot of different items, but the thing I thought was the most interesting was the smelling bar to pick out your tea.

We did more window shopping, went by the triangle building, ate and had a beer at Steamworks Brewing Company, and walked past the steam clock.

We also watched a Omnimax movie about called Adrenaline Rush: The Science of Risk, which was about skydiving at the Science World at TELUS World of Science.

We ate at a Chinese restaurant, Big B's pick for his birthday dinner, and then walked around some more. Below are some of the sites we saw.

There was a variety of eagles throughout Vancouver, similar to the cows, this one was a reading eagle.

Sunday was the clearest day, so I took a photo of the view from our hotel room.

Before we had to head home we went and shopped at Granville Island. There is an open farmers market and several small shops.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

A Quick Recap of December

In November I forgot to write about when we went to the Major League Soccer Cup. It was a great game that went into sudden death overtime and then a shootout.

Beckham about to kick during the shootout.

In December we attended the Washington vs. Cal football game. This game was free to all officers of law in honor of the Lakewood Police Officers.

In the middle of December my friend  and her husband came out for a long weekend. We ate a lot of great food and toured the sights.
Someone practicing a hang-gliding landing, again we assumed.

Our guests  with downtown Seattle behind them.

For Christmas Eve Big B and I drove up to Bellevue to watch the show on Snowflake Lane.
There were drummers with a lot of enthusiasm and other characters who performed to some Christmas music.
This is the only "snow" we saw. There is also fake snow falling in this photo, even though you can't exactly make it out.
Our Christmas decorations.

I had bought 2 stockings to surprise Big B with on Christmas morning. I came home one night after work and decided it didn't feel enough like Christmas and I couldn't wait to put them up. Shortly afterwards Big B
came home with the other stockings, tree and lights...he had the same idea!

For Christmas I woke up with a stomach bug, darn kiddos spreading their germs around :) My day was spent sleeping and opening presents. Not the best Christmas I have ever had, poor Big B though, at least I was sleeping through most of it.

Sunday, Monday and Tuesday

I honestly can't remember what we did most of Sunday. I do know that we had reservations at Salty's. When leaving Seattle we had some extra time so we stopped by Pyramid Brewery to have a beer.

We then had dinner at Salty's. Here is the view from our table. Beautiful!!

The group.

Large martini glass full of seafood.

On Monday I went into work and my boss found out that my family was still here, so she sent me home. I met up with Mom, Dad and my brother at Mercer Island and we headed into Bellevue for lunch. My brother grabbed Chipotle and the rest of us had California Pizza Kitchen, I love their BBQ chicken salad! While we were eating we had some fun watching security guards try to chase down, what we assumed to be, a shoplifter.
After lunch my dad and brother headed off to find a tux and get my brother to the airport. My mom and I went shopping in Bellevue.
That evening we had dinner at The Whistle Stop.

The next morning we hung out at the apartment for a bit. Mars really enjoyed another warm lap.

We went to the Ram for lunch and then my parents' headed to the airport. It was great having family visit and I miss them!