Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Sunday, Monday and Tuesday

I honestly can't remember what we did most of Sunday. I do know that we had reservations at Salty's. When leaving Seattle we had some extra time so we stopped by Pyramid Brewery to have a beer.

We then had dinner at Salty's. Here is the view from our table. Beautiful!!

The group.

Large martini glass full of seafood.

On Monday I went into work and my boss found out that my family was still here, so she sent me home. I met up with Mom, Dad and my brother at Mercer Island and we headed into Bellevue for lunch. My brother grabbed Chipotle and the rest of us had California Pizza Kitchen, I love their BBQ chicken salad! While we were eating we had some fun watching security guards try to chase down, what we assumed to be, a shoplifter.
After lunch my dad and brother headed off to find a tux and get my brother to the airport. My mom and I went shopping in Bellevue.
That evening we had dinner at The Whistle Stop.

The next morning we hung out at the apartment for a bit. Mars really enjoyed another warm lap.

We went to the Ram for lunch and then my parents' headed to the airport. It was great having family visit and I miss them!

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