Tuesday, March 2, 2010

A Quick Recap of December

In November I forgot to write about when we went to the Major League Soccer Cup. It was a great game that went into sudden death overtime and then a shootout.

Beckham about to kick during the shootout.

In December we attended the Washington vs. Cal football game. This game was free to all officers of law in honor of the Lakewood Police Officers.

In the middle of December my friend  and her husband came out for a long weekend. We ate a lot of great food and toured the sights.
Someone practicing a hang-gliding landing, again we assumed.

Our guests  with downtown Seattle behind them.

For Christmas Eve Big B and I drove up to Bellevue to watch the show on Snowflake Lane.
There were drummers with a lot of enthusiasm and other characters who performed to some Christmas music.
This is the only "snow" we saw. There is also fake snow falling in this photo, even though you can't exactly make it out.
Our Christmas decorations.

I had bought 2 stockings to surprise Big B with on Christmas morning. I came home one night after work and decided it didn't feel enough like Christmas and I couldn't wait to put them up. Shortly afterwards Big B
came home with the other stockings, tree and lights...he had the same idea!

For Christmas I woke up with a stomach bug, darn kiddos spreading their germs around :) My day was spent sleeping and opening presents. Not the best Christmas I have ever had, poor Big B though, at least I was sleeping through most of it.

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