Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Jessica's Visit

Jessica came out to visit during her days off. It was nice to take a break for work and everyday life.

She got in Thursday while I was working. While she was waiting for me she took a nap and snuggled with my cats. Although Clover was only willing to snuggle while she was sleeping and not talking. After I got home we met Pia and went to sushi at JeJu and then dessert at The Chocolate Cafe. The dessert at The Chocolate Cafe is always delicious, but were so full from sushi we probably could have skipped the dessert.

Friday we tried to sleep in, which was a bit challenging with my landlord's new habit of vacuuming every morning (although it seems like he is actually vacuuming at least twice a day). We relaxed in the morning and then Tim and his girlfriend at Coopersmith's. After a nap, the beer really wore us out, we grabbed some pizza and watched a movie (the usual girl's night movie on Friday). We finally got motivated, and talked Emily into coming with us, to meet Pia at Luscious Nectar for a few drinks and to people watch. Unfortunately our people watching wasn't very successfull because the people we were watching took that as invitations. Ah well, sometimes it is fun to talk to new people, even if we don't see eye to eye.

Saturday we were able to sleep in a little bit better and then went to Lucile's for breakfast, although it was more like lunch after Pia, Jess and I finally wanted to get out of bed. Then Jess and I went shopping at Centerra.

Overall it was great seeing Jess and all the food we ate was delicious!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Just Call Me Snow White

After I had been working at the LHS for about a year a coworker called me Snow White. She said I reminded her of Snow White because I have dark hair and she thought I had a talent with getting animals to trust me. I took that as a very nice compliment, but I really felt like Snow White this Sunday.

On Halloween when I was on my way back to my house (I had forgotten my wings) and a dog ran in and then out of the street. I pulled over and tried to catch it...although I quickly realized that I wasn't in a safe spot. I pulled into the driveway and attempted to coax the dog to me. He was having none of that and ran into the street and proceeded towards College, in the middle of the road! A nice woman, with two dachshunds
in her car, pulled over and let me know that Animal Control was on the next street up, towards College. Right after she drove off I saw the dog run onto that street. I tried to call Animal Control, but was on hold for too long...I was already running late! I figured that the dog was heading their way and they would catch it.

The next afternoon my landlord waved me down as I was heading to the CSU vs. BYU game. He had seen my trying to catch the dog the day before and asked if I knew the dog. It turns out the dog was once again running down the middle of the street earlier that afternoon. We talked about it how odd it was that the dog had a what appeared to be a leash on and that it had some scarring or staining on its face, and then I headed off to the game.

Sunday morning I was letting Haley out to use the bathroom and my landlord's dog started frantically barking. I looked in his direction and the stray dog was just east of the garage. I hadn't seen the dog since Halloween, so I just assumed he had been caught.

I quickly brought Haley into the house and gathered the smelliest food I could find....string cheese! I headed out to the back of the yard and then dog was just outside of the fence. Long story short, I tossed cheese to him and then later Natural Balance until he actually stuck his head in my slip lead (he was still on the other side of the fence and I was having trouble grabbing the slip lead that was already around his neck).

Turns out that he was a sweet dog who was just very scared. He was about 2 years old and neutered. The dog didn't have scarring on its face, it actually had entropion. I called Animal Control to tell them that I had caught him and went closer my place to wait.

When Animal Control came they mentioned that neighbors had reported the dog being attacked by coyotes and they had been patrolling and setting traps for the whole time. It made me feel like I had done my good deed for the day! No matter the outcome at the humane society at least the dog will not been hit by a car, killed by coyotes or starve/freeze out in the elements.

Colorado State at Air Force

This last Saturday we (my mom, dad, Big B and I) went to the CSU game at Air Force. I was hoping for a good game similar to last week.

The beginning of the game was great. They have parachuters landing and then jets that fly by.

The jets are amazingly close and then fly straight up into the air....very impressive.

Colorado State ending up losing the game, but it is always nice to get out and about! Check out the game recap.

Monday, November 3, 2008


Big B and I went to the Colorado State game. It was a beautiful day and a very good game.

Sunday, November 2, 2008


Friday was an interesting day. I left work early because I have a fairly large amount of comp time to get rid of by January. I decided to go vote because although I signed up for a mail-in ballot and the website said it was sent to me, but I didn't receive the ballot. Due to this fact my vote was provesional...first time since I was 18 where my vote may not count.

Later that night I went to my sister's to hand out candy to the ghosts, goblins and fairies. Suprisingly there were more high schoolers than any other age groups.

After that I met up with friends and Big B for a night out. We hit The Cork first to hear a former employee's band play, Archie Funker. Great band, but the Cork has never been my favorite place. Later we went to Old Town. There were more people in Old Town then I have ever seen. I don't think there was a bar open that did not have a line. We decided to go to Luscious Nectars because they have some good frozen drinks and are a bit out of the way. Overall Halloween was fun and we saw some interesting costumes. Our group's costumes included: Lt. Dangle, a playboy bunny, 80s rocker, God's Gift to Women, and Zombie Redneck.

Big B's roommate and his coworkers were the Scooby Doo Gang. I think the most interesting costume was the Ringwraiths from Lord of the Rings (I wanted to take a picture while they were coming towards us, but I was a bit afraid I would freak the horses out).