About Me

I currently live 30 miles east of Washington DC by way of Seattle.  I grew up in the Denver area, but would call Fort Collins my home.  This blog will mostly be about hobbies and products I enjoy, or that irk me, and hopefully lessons I have learned along the way.

My passions are animals and children.  I am usually either working or volunteering in one area, or both, at any given time.  My favorite nickname of all time was Snow White, due to my ability to handle even the most difficult dog or cat.

In my spare time I like to participate in athletic events.  In the past few years I have run a half marathon, run a dozen 5ks and obstacle runs, swam 3.2 miles and a handful of other open water swims.  I also enjoy group exercise classes, especially kickboxing, even better if I am actually able to hit and kick some pads during the class.  

 I thrive on interactions with other people and love game nights or dinner out with friends.  I will never turn down the opportunity to attend a sporting event, Go Broncos! And Seahawks! in that order.  Although I also enjoy watching soccer, basketball, hockey, you get the point.

I also enjoy reading, and to be honest, too much television. I'm a bit obsessive about organization, but only can get motivated to start if I know it will turn out exactly the way I  picture it in my head.

If you need to get in touch with me please feel free to email me at amandasblogaboutherlife@gmail.com.