Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Jessica's Visit

Jessica came out to visit during her days off. It was nice to take a break for work and everyday life.

She got in Thursday while I was working. While she was waiting for me she took a nap and snuggled with my cats. Although Clover was only willing to snuggle while she was sleeping and not talking. After I got home we met Pia and went to sushi at JeJu and then dessert at The Chocolate Cafe. The dessert at The Chocolate Cafe is always delicious, but were so full from sushi we probably could have skipped the dessert.

Friday we tried to sleep in, which was a bit challenging with my landlord's new habit of vacuuming every morning (although it seems like he is actually vacuuming at least twice a day). We relaxed in the morning and then Tim and his girlfriend at Coopersmith's. After a nap, the beer really wore us out, we grabbed some pizza and watched a movie (the usual girl's night movie on Friday). We finally got motivated, and talked Emily into coming with us, to meet Pia at Luscious Nectar for a few drinks and to people watch. Unfortunately our people watching wasn't very successfull because the people we were watching took that as invitations. Ah well, sometimes it is fun to talk to new people, even if we don't see eye to eye.

Saturday we were able to sleep in a little bit better and then went to Lucile's for breakfast, although it was more like lunch after Pia, Jess and I finally wanted to get out of bed. Then Jess and I went shopping at Centerra.

Overall it was great seeing Jess and all the food we ate was delicious!


KJ said...

Vaccuming twice a day???

Amanda said...

On Friday I actually heard him vacuum three times, and that was just when I was home. He also vacuumed at least once on Saturday and I heard it twice on Sunday. I have no idea what he is doing!

Curtis Jones said...

My kind of company--they enjoy food, drink, conversation and rest!