Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Thanksgiving in Sun Valley

I am a little behind on the blogging.

My parents and I (plus the dogs) drove up to Ketchum, Idaho (or Sun Valley) to visit my brother for Thanksgiving.  My brother doesn't have much vacation time, so we thought we would bring Thanksgiving to him
 The first morning we were there Sadie was trying to get a burr out of her coat and ended up scratching her throat on it.  She was coughing and carrying on enough that we ended up taking her to the vet...two pills later she was feeling better. 
The original plan was for me to join my brother at Masters Swimming and for my parents to work out at the YMCA.  Due to the unexpected late morning we decided to take the dogs on a walk along the bike bath, it runs from Ketchum to Bellevue.

Later that night we went to Frenchman's Gulch, a winery in Ketchum.  They had some delicious wine, my favorite was the cuvee.  After the tasting we went to a joint Thank You sermon at the Episcopal Church in Hailey.  It was really interesting and had lots of different churches present.
After the sermon we enjoyed some cookies and cider before we headed to the Sun Valley Brewery for dinner.  The pizza was delicious, but being the beer snob that I am, their beer was a bit diluted.                                
This is a chair that was outside of the brewery and is made by a man who has an arit gallery in Ketchum.  He makes furniture and his wife does watercolors.

Thursday morning we woke up and I went to Masters Swimming with my brother and my mom went to Roger's (without Roger) Yoga.  This is the group during Thanksgiving.  My brother's neighbor, two Columbians who are doing an internship at Albertson's in Hailey.  The big two Leonberger's seemed to like Haley...even though she wasn't too fond of them.
On Friday we hung out a bit, worked out at the YMCA, shopped a bit and then went on a Gallery Walk.
Saturday we went to Stanley to check out the beautiful scenery my coworker told me about.  Unfortunately it was very cloudy, but still a nice trip.  We went to the hot springs...which were really hot (you can see the red line after only a few minutes).  We also visited Stanley Lake, which would probably be so nice in the summer.
Saturday night we went to Papa Hemi's.  They had some better beer and very good food.
Sunday, my mom and I went shopping and then we played some Nerts...my dad and I won.  A great trip overall and nice to spend some time with my brother in a town that I have never visited.

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