Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas Week

Quick recap of the last week.
Friday - Worked and then went to dinner at La Luz, Big B's soccer game at ODs and then for drinks with his team afterwards at Old Chicago.  I had a Fat Tire at the game and Easy Street (probably my favorite beer) at Old C's.  I also tried a taste of Snowbound Ale, an interesting beer with a hint of eggnog (or maybe just nutmeg) although I didn't like it enough to order one myself. 
Saturday - Grabbed lunch at The Green Onion to eat at my sister and her husband's house while we  watched CSU beat Fresno State at the New Mexico Bowl.  That evening Big B and I ate at California Pizza Kitchen in Boulder and then went to The B. Side Lounge for a friend's birthday.
Sunday - Lunch with Big B at Young's Cafe.  Dessert with my sister at Mimi's Cafe to prepare for some Christmas shopping.  Later that evening Big B and I met a high school (and middle school) friend, her husband, friend and her husband at C.B. Potts on 120th.
Monday - Opened presents at work
Tuesday - Worked 
Wednesday - Work and then on to Aurora to start the celebration.  We all went to Eastern Hills Community Church and then to dinner with family friends.  For Christmas eve we always have soup with our family friends and switch off the hosting house.
The evening always includes lots of delicious food, beverages and games (not including all the laughter).

Thursday - Opened presents then had our traditional breakfast of Tea Ring and in the last few years eggs cooked by my brother-in-law.
Then after a few games of Nertz Big B and I headed to his parents for some more food, presents and games.  We ate Chateaubriand (I hope that is correct), scalloped potatoes and chocolate mousse (everything was delicious!).  We also played Euchre and Trivial Pursuit.
Friday - Shopping with my sister and the parents, lunch at California Pizza Kitchen and then later dinner at Hops (Hops was freezing!) with a college friend/short-term roommate.  
Overall a great Christmas with lots of family and friends!!

For more information on Colorado holiday beers check out this link.

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