Sunday, February 28, 2010


I tried posting this before, but ran into complications with the photos and gave up...sorry for the delay.

My sister and her husband flew home very early on Saturday morning. Big B and I didn't set an alarm so we could catch up on some rest. Once we woke up we met up with my parents and then made a plan to meet up with my brother and a friend of his visiting from Vancouver.

We decided to meet at Experience Music Project and Science Fiction Museum Hall of Fame. We really enjoyed the Experience Music side of the museum. It had a lot of history, especially musicians based out of Seattle. My favorite part was the top floor where you could play different instruments, mix your own music and sing...although I think this was a lot of people's favorite area.

Tower of Guitars

An old guitar that I thought was very pretty.

The Science Fiction area wasn't as interesting to me, but still neat to look through. There was a special exhibit of glass sculptures done by an artist in Italy. This one was my favorite, although hard to photograph with the lighting in the room.

After the museum with met up with my brother's friend's sister and their friend at the Elysian Brewery. We went to the one on Capitol Hill. The brewery had a wide variety of beer.

I can't remember the name of my favorite beer, but my dad thought it was too bitter.

After the Elysian we walked down to Cupcake Royale and enjoyed some cupcakes before heading home. These were good cupcakes, but not as good as the ones at the Buttercream Cupcakery in Fort Collins or the Tee & Cakes in Boulder.

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