Saturday, December 11, 2010


For the last 2 years I have been growing out my hair to donate it.  I grew out my hair and donated it in 2004, I felt good giving my hair to someone who needed it, however when I cut off my hair it was much shorter than I liked and was really frustrated while working out since I couldn't throw it into a ponytail.
My hair right before I cut it last time, not the most flattering photo.                 My hair about a year after I cut it off.

So, this time I am growing it a bit longer so it isn't quite so short when I chop it.  But boy is my hair driving me crazy!!  
I tried to take this picture one night before I was going out, but the flash kept washing me out, obviously.  However, you can kinda see how long my hair is getting.

Next time I go in to my hairdresser I am not sure if I will just trim it, or cut it off, but don't know what style to go with if I donate it.  Any ideas?  

Speaking of hair, check out how crazy mine can get!!  This is after a run in May.  I think it was a combination of sweat and then lots and lots of rain.


Kortney said...

I liked your hair short. Just invest in a lot of bobby pins. :-)

Curtis Jones said...

Me too!!