Sunday, June 20, 2010

My Weekend

Yesterday I volunteered at the humane society and as always walked great dogs looking for new homes.

After the volunteer shift I attended a graduation party.  One of the ladies that works with me had both sons graduate this year, one from high school and one from college.  They knew that I was home alone for a couple weeks and were gracious enough to invite me to attend.  There was some great food and I met some new people.

On my way home I went shopping.  Here is some fun stuff I saw at Fireworks:

These are cutting boards that are labeled for what you would cut up in order to reduce cross-contamination.

Also found this perfume.  This was my favorite smell that they had available, but looks like they have more interesting combinations.

This morning I ran in the Furry 5k.  Best time in a 5k for me (despite a pretty big hill and a quick water break)!  Here is a link to my results.
The finish line and a runner who ran with 3 dogs!

View of Lake Washington from Seward Park.  This is looking south from the south side of the park.  I also caught a pair of ducks in the picture, I love those duck couples.

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