Wednesday, January 20, 2010

My Brother joins us - Wednesday

Wednesday was supposed to be the "nice" day so we decided to do the outside stuff we had wanted to do. The plan was to visit the falls and to hike around the area, but only my sister and brother-in-law were ambitious enough to follow through with the hiking thought.

After the falls we visited the Snoqualmie Brewery. Their beer was more along our taste (a favorite was the Harvest Moon) and the food hit the spot!

After the brewery the plan was to visit a few wineries. We ended up spending a lot more time getting there and ran out of time, so we decided to visit the Novelty Hill/Januik winery so we could "kill 2 birds with 1 stone." The wine was pretty good, but nothing spectacular. The design was very modern, but warmed up a bit inside.

After the winery we went by Big B and I's apartment to have more wine and play a few card games. Later we picked up my brother from the airport and then had dinner at Duke's Chowder House (one of Big B and I's favorites for clam chowder and seafood).

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