Saturday, January 16, 2010

Portland in November

The first weekend in November Big B and I drove down to Portland to visit with Big B's aunt and uncle. The drive down and home were not very fun because it was pouring, but Big B did a great job driving.
Both times we have visited Portland I have really enjoyed the city and and would encourage anyone to visit it!
While we were there we ate some Chipotle, watched the Portland Winterhawks play the Seattle Thunderbirds. Normally I would cheer for Seattle, but since Big B's uncle works on putting the game on television for Portland, and got us great seats, we cheered for them instead. The Oregon Humane Society was there and received numerous donations and recognition, what a creative idea (more information is available about this if you click on the humane society name). Also during one of the breaks there was a game called Dash for the Cash, individuals won money they collected off the ice. It was pretty funny watching people try to pry frozen coins off the ice and stuff as many as possible down their shirts. The Winterhawks ended up squeeking out a win after overtime and a shootout. After the game we had an opportunity to look behind the scenes for the taping of the game.

The next morning we had breakfast at The Industrial Cafe, which was delicious and had too many good was a hard choice on what to order. We then visited Voodoo Doughnut, YUMM! The line was too long at the original so we actually bought our donuts at their new branch. Later the men watched some football while the women went on a walk with their basset hound before it was time to head home.

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