Wednesday, January 20, 2010

My Family Visited Me for Thanksgiving - Tuesday

My family rented a house in West Seattle for Thanksgiving and everyone came to visit! My parents arrived during the day on Monday. After work I met them and Big B at their rented house, talked and then later picked up my sister and her husband from the airport.

Tuesday we visited Pioneer Square. We looked around a bit, spent a good chunk of time at Elliott Bay Book Company. After that we visited Pyramid Brewery, including a bunch of beer tasting...there were a bunch of good ones to chose a beer from.

After lunch we went to the Locks (this is a popular place to visit with visitors because the scenery is always changing). After some boat watching and flower viewing we headed back towards the city center. On the way out of the Ballard area we visited Hale's Ales. There beers tasted pretty good, but weren't quite our family's style (as you can tell from my sister's face).

We ended the day with a visit to the Husky stadium and dinner from Metropolitan Market.

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Curtis Jones said...

Mom's favorite of all the beers--apricot ale a Pyramid.