Sunday, January 26, 2014

Turning my pictures into art

I have recently become a bit obsessed with turning some of my photos into canvas art.  Unfortunately a lot of those are photos were taken with my iPhone and I am a bit concerned I will spend money to create the canvas and the iPhone just will not stand up.  I am still in the planning phase, but here are a few things I have been thinking:  Where to purchase the canvas?  I have done a lot of research comparing quality and cost, and have come to the conclusion that CG Pro Prints are the way to go.  Plus they are based out of Colorado!

Some groupings I am considering printing are landscapes.  These would probably be fairly decent sized.

 Alki Beach in July

 Deception Pass in September

 Mt. Baker in January

 Mt. Baker

 Mt. Baker

Seattle in August

Shelter animals.  I wouldn't want to make a very big print, but maybe some smalls ones.  If I do this I might need to track down some photos of kittens that I fostered in Colorado.
 Peaches at Walk for the Animals


 Patrick during a Dog Behavior and Socialization (DBS) shift

 Jake during a DBS shift

 Cowboy during a DBS shift

 Pongo during a DBS shift




Flowers, leaves and berries.  I don't think I would print any of these until I need to match colors in a room.

(I recently starting watermarking my photos, I found this to be the best way.)


Sawtooth Brewery said...

Nice pics! Sarah printed a ~10"x10" canvas picture from Shutterfly (I think she even had a coupon and got it for free) which turned out great. It was from our wedding and high res shot...

Curtis Jones said...

You have some really GOOD pictures. Looking forward to the end results.