Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Armband Reviews

For one of Big B's birthday gifts I decided to get him an armband so he had somewhere to put his tunes while lifting or running.  I looked up reviews on Runner's World and various other workout sites to try to find the best armband.  After I had narrowed my options down a little bit I then looked up reviews on Amazon, a step I almost always take since most products have been reviewed often and most opinions don't seem to be from a company's representatives.

 I eventually decided on the Nite Ize Action ArmBand.  It had good reviews online, was weather resistant and wasn't supposed to absorb too much sweat.  Plus I have a few products from Nite Ize, mostly key chains, and have been completely satisfied with the products and believe Nite Ize to produce a high-quality product.  Big B's birthday came up, he opened his presents and then was ready to try on his new present and,  it - didn't - fit.  Unfortunately I couldn't find an option to buy an extender for the Nite Ize, so back to Amazon it went.

Back to the web I went again.  I came across a few armbands that stated that they only fit arms up to 17 inch circumference, so I didn't order them.  I eventually decided upon the Nathan SonicBoom 5 Armband.  It didn't have all of the bells and whistles that the Nite Ize did, but it looked like it would do the trick and appeared like it would fit more muscular arms.  Plus a lot of the other armbands I found that were more water resistant or water proof had a lot of reviews about the protect cover trapping moisture in with the phone and in a few cases the phone was ruined.  Who wants to buy an armband for $20 to $30 and have it ruin their $500 phone?  The armband came and Big B tried it on and it was so close to fitting, but no luck.  Again I looked into an extender for the armband, but couldn't find one.  So back to Amazon the Nathan SonicBoom went.

We have now come to the conclusion that Big B needs to try the armband on because to be honest I am getting tired of paying for the return shipping, so we won't be going to Amazon for this one.  Hopefully we'll find one soon and I can update you on how it performs!

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