Thursday, January 30, 2014

Nathan Intensity Race Vest Review

When I first started training for the half marathon last year I quickly discovered that I needed something with a bit more space.  At first I tried a FuelBelt and the belt was okay, but it bounced around more than I would like.  And then on one of our first longer runs I lost a gel along the course, I really could have used that gel.  Then Tim, the owner of West Seattle Runner, wore the Nathan Intensity Race Vest to a run.  We started talking and I quickly decided that the Nathan pack might be the answer for me and I bought one that day.  The next long run I wore the race vest and never looked back!
There are numerous advantages to the vest and in my opinion only one disadvantage.  Some pros are that it doesn't bounce and it is easier to drink from than bottles, which unfortunately meant I know longer had the excuse to stop to get a drink. It holds my phone, inhaler and some gels all in the front pocket.  The back pockets have room for whatever other items you may need on the run, along the run, or after your run is complete.  As I mentioned there is one disadvantage, it makes me feel like I appear to be a more serious distance runner than I am.

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