Friday, October 28, 2011

Favorite Websites

I have discovered a lot of new, really cool websites lately.  It made me think of life before computers, smart phones and internet.  I can't imagine how many more random pieces of paper I would have around the house, its bad enough with our current technology!
There are always the old stand-by websites like Amazon, Facebook, Blogger, Pandora and Google.  But I thought I would share some of my new favorites:
- Stumble Upon
You place your likes and dislikes into the site when you sign up and then it pulls up random web pages that fit those interests.  I have found a lot of really interesting, cute, funny sites through here.
- iHeart Radio
This is a bit like Pandora, but different.  Like Pandora it also has an app for smart phones.  I thought I would check it out because Pandora skips songs a lot on my phone, I don't know if it is the app, or my phone, but I wanted more consistent music.
- Amazon Fresh
I LOVE, LOVE Amazon Fresh.  It is a grocery store delivery website, unfortunately right now they only deliver in the Seattle area.  But I love this website!  It has saved me a ton of time and money since moving to West Seattle.  If you are interested in checking this out and are fortunate to live in the delivery area let me know, I can share my big radish status and you won't have to pay shipping when you order $50 worth of items!
You can enter your normal commutes and it will tell you which route is faster at this time.  You can also save these routes and have them send you alerts depending on the traffic level you choose.  This is great if you have multiple routes you can drive on, so that you can save as much time as possible.
- Pinterest*
This is like a cork board on your computer.  You can "pin" items of interest to your boards.  This keeps random web information organized and easy to access.  You can also add friends and view their pins to get other great ideas.
- Evernote
Similar idea to Pinterest, but it is more like a filing cabinet.  I really like this website for recipes and things to do for an upcoming trip, around your town or cities you visit often.
- Wishpot*
Again to can save information from websites on here.  I used it over the last year to help create a Christmas or Birthday list for myself.  I like it even more for creating gift ideas.
- The Clymb
The Clymb offers member-exclusive sales on different outdoor brands.  Most of the sales last about 3 days.  They have had really great sales on Mountainsmith, Merrell, Timberland and so many more!  Some of the sales are only 30% off, but I have seen a few as high as 85%.
- Earndit
This website links to a couple different athletic trackers and then gives you points for your activities.  I link with fitbit (keep an eye out for a blog on my favorite products, this will be one of them), although I also use Nike+.  You can then turn your points in for different prizes.  I have used mine for entries to win free shoes and a $20 credit to Prana, but you can also trade it in for straight credit.  I did this with The Clymb and got a $10 credit there.  I just bought a pair of pants from Mountain Khaki, these pants were originally $73, they were marked down to $40 through the Clymb, so with my credit my pants ended up being $30!
- Daily Feats*
This is a very similar concept to Earndit.  Except you keep track of all of your good feats; such as flossing your teeth, buying local or taking the stairs.  With your earned points you can cash in for credit towards local activities, restaurants or even an iTunes card.  Although this site has a much wider view on good feats and I love all the ideas you have to go in and enter what you have done, a downside when comparing to earndit, which tracks it for you (as long as you use your tracker).
- TripIt*
A travel website that tracks all your plans for you.  You just e-mail reservation confirmations to and it places all your information in one spot.  You also have the option to add events and confirmations.  I really liked this site when I traveled for work, but it is convenient when traveling for fun too.  Another great feature is that you can add travelers so they can access trip information also.  I love that TripIt has an app, which makes it even easier to use on the road.

*If you decide to join these sites please consider looking me up to be my friend and/or teammate!

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