Saturday, December 3, 2011

Book Clubs

I was thinking about book clubs today and the ones that I have been in.  I find it interesting that I have never been in the "normal" book clubs where a group of friends, who like to read, get together and form a club.

When I was younger I was in a book club through a book store aimed towards children.  Most of the other children in the club were my friends, but that is beside the point.

After college I was in a The Book Club That Doesn't Read Books.  In that group we would get together about once a month for a potluck and talk about books, among other topics, however, we were never reading the same book.

Since I have moved to Seattle I am in an online book club.  Again, a lot of the other people in the club I know, but we don't have monthly meetings together, although I have heard rumors that some of the members get together in Denver.

I am also in a Meet-up book club.  This is probably the most like the clubs I picture when I think about a book club, but I didn't know anybody before I joined, some meetings I still don't know anyone there.

All in all I think I like these different book clubs more!  They are more fun and interesting.  I have met more people who love to read this way and can recommend different books to my friends and family, and they can recommend books to me!

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