Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Light boxes by Shane Jones

I read Lighboxes for our June meetup book club.  This book was challenging to read because it is all over the place.  Some chapters are a word, a list, or a paragraph while others are more within the normal realms of a typical chapters.  This story is also told through several people, although they are normally referenced in the third person.  One person in the book club thought it was more like a poem than a book, part of this might be because Shane Jones normally writes poetry.  This story is about a town who is stuck in the month of February and their attempts to break free.  Again, another book that I could totally relate too.  Although Seattle is not that cold this spring was very dreary and overcast most days, YUCK!  Although I didn't necessarily enjoy reading this book, I did find it interesting and got through it quickly.

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