Sunday, April 6, 2014

Life Juice Cleanse - Last Day

I'm definintely done with this cleanse.  Iwasn't hungry and I wasn't craving other food, but I was dreading the thought of drinking more juice.  I got a late start to the day and ended up not going to Kickboxing because I got completely wrapped up in the book I'm reading and couldn't tear myself away to get out of bed.  (As a sidenote check out Jodi Picoult's The Storyteller.  I love Jodi Picoult's stories and this one had me laughing, and crying.)  This means I had to drink the juices even faster than the other two days, blech!  Don't get me wrong, these juices aren't bad and actually are pretty tasty, I'm just tired of them.

Once I was able to tear myself away from the book, I'll be honest, once I finished the book, I went out for a lovely walk.  The weather is beautiful!  I ended up eating almonds again and skipping the second Oh My Greens, maybe I'll be in the mood for it later in the week.  Looking forward to easing out of the cleanse tomorrow and starting to eat more normal food.  The plan is fruit, maybe a juice or two and almonds tomorrow.  Tuesday I can add some lightly steamed greens and Wednesday I will add in some salads and complex grains.  Thursday fish comes into play and Friday is the start of my healthier eating plan.

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