Saturday, April 5, 2014

Life Juice Cleanse - Day Two

I slept wonderfully last night and woke up feeling pretty good, but a tad bit light headed.  I took Haley for a walk and was excited to see the sun out, even though it was pretty windy.

The Solé took me a bit longer to drink this morning, but the Positive Balance went down better.

The one thing I haven't liked about the cleanse so far is that I feel like I have to drink the juices almost back to back to get them all in, or maybe I just drink them too slowly.  Shortly after I finished the Solé it was time for Positive Balance and then Oh My Greens.  Add in the fact that I am trying to increase my intake of water, I feel like all I am doing in drinking.  

This afternoon I treated myself to a massage.  It was one of the recommendations that Life Juice gave.  I have been a bit sore from working in the two year-old classroom this week and moving a classroom at work yesterday, and then helping a friend move a few items.  Plus I'm a bit stressed from all the wedding planning.  The massage felt wonderful, relaxing and I was glad I indulged.

After the massage it was time for the Bodacious Bunny.  I also decided to eat 8 almonds.  Life Juice gave a list of a few items you could eat if you absolutely had to, although I didn't absolutely have to eat something, I did feel like my body needed them.  Other food choices were a few celery stalks, a couple of cucumber slices, warm vegetable broth or a half cup of coffee (no sugar or cream).  But I felt like I needed that protein more than anything else so I opted for the almonds, which I keep in my pantry anyway.

Since I feel a bit tired today I plan on finishing off the second Oh My Greens and the Spiced Almond Milk then taking another bath and then off to bed early.  I hope to have enough energy to go to my normal Cardio Kickboxing class tomorrow morning at the gym.

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