Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Top Cat and Tails

Saturday night was Top Cat and Tails. Attendance seemed to be down a bit, but hopefully the economy didn't effect the money donated....the animals could really use it (looking at the LHS' website there are lots of cats there right now). Also, from what I heard all the animals in attendance were surrendered, although I am not entirely sure if this was due to funds in their original families.

There were a lot of local celebrities in attendance. Mike Nelson, Chris Kelly and Ryan Kramer all helped out during the Live Auction. Big Rob also attended the event, it seemed like he was enjoying the food donated by Drunken Monkey for the volunteers more than the catered food for attendees.

My date was a 6 month old neutered male cocker spaniel. He actually was adopted by Kirk Montgomery, Kirk fell in love with him when he was taken down to Channel 9 to advertise the event. I also handled a spayed female dilute calico (this image is not my date) who was just over a year old during the Live Auction. Due to the fact that my original date was mostly spoken for, I also walked around with a 5 month old yorkshire terrier/dachshund mix, or dorkie (this dorkie look more like Anna).
Big B's date was a 2 month old puppy. He was supposedly a aussie mix, although I think he looked and acted more like a husky/pit.

We also were "models" at the Live Auction. I will post pictures or a link as soon as I have some.


Curtis Jones said...

I'm old--I only recognized Mike and Kirk! Looking forward to the pics.

Amanda said...

The other three are DJs at a Northern Colorado radio station...really local.

Curtis Jones said...

Good, I'm not as old as I thought.