Friday, October 17, 2008

Sadie and the Cats

Sadie is finally learning how to hang out with the cats instead of obsess about them, with a little help.

The last few times Sadie has stayed at my house she has focused on the cats the whole time, which lead to lots of issues.
Mars used to be so laid back when it came to dogs, but due to the last incident with Brewster she isn't such a fan of those big, furry things anymore. Because Mars isn't as tolerant of dogs she now is more vocal when Sadie crosses the line. She used to just hiss, but the lately the hiss is followed by a pretty good swat if Sadie doesn't retreat quickly.
Clover doesn't know what to think when Sadie follows her around and stares at her. This means that Clover goes between spinning, to circling the perimeter of the room, to hiding. Haley is pretty protective of "her" cats, so she usually "herds" Sadie away from the cats. With this reinforcement Sadie is slowly learning how to behave appropriately.
There has only been one incident this time....Mars was joining me on the couch and Sadie was in her face. Mars hissed and then followed up with a good swat after a few seconds. Sadie backed off and laid down. In the meantime Haley came over and gave "her" cat a quick check-up lick and peace was restored. After about an hour the dogs are laying down nicely on the floor and the cats are resting next to me on the couch, without fear. Yay Sadie!!!

Clover and Haley on my left

Sadie and Mars on my right, not quite as close

(I had to take the picture with my cell phone so I didn't disturb anyone.)

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