Thursday, October 9, 2008

Clover and Hiking

This last weekend was great and stressful in many ways.

It started out on Friday. I have been watching "chick flicks" on Friday nights. I decided that I should invite my friends in on the good time and it will help me keep my place clean at the same time. I hurried home from work because I was a bit late and walked into my apartment and immediately noticed the smell. It turns out that Clover had gotten very sick while I was at work and was hunched over her water bowl with her face almost in the water. I cleaned up, tried to get rid of the smell and set Clover up in the bathroom. My sister came over and we watched the movie, it was a nice break from the worry.

On Saturday I woke up early to check on Clover and decided to make a vet appointment. After the appointment I didn't know much more about what was wrong, but had some medicine to try to help her out.

After getting home I found Big B waiting for me and ready to go for our planned hike. We met two friends at the Green Onion and then headed up to Estes. It was Elk Fest so the town was fairly busy. We started hiking up to Mills Lake, but decided to go The Loch (more information towards the bottom of the website, Beautiful hike although my friend and I agreed that the leaves might have been a bit prettier the week before.

Just above Alberta Falls

Near The Loch

The Loch

The rest of the weekend was spent force feeding Clover and spending more time with my sister and Big B.


Curtis Jones said...

I really like the pic of the lake, snow in the background and fog.

Curtis Jones said...

I really liked the Loch picture, very good contast.