Thursday, April 19, 2012

Drivers in Washington

I was browsing through twitter today and found a link to this blog.  Although I don't drive in downtown Seattle all that often, it is too frustrating and much easier to take the bus, I do agree that the drivers here are some of the worst I have experienced.  I have a few issues I encounter on a daily basis of my own.  Unfortunately I don't have video or picture evidence.
1) I will be driving down I5 when it isn't too busy and pass someone on the left, usually this person doesn't have anyone in front of them.  After I pass them that person gets into the left lane.  Why?  You were going slow enough for me to pass you in the correct lane, why would you move to a faster lane?  Even more frustrating is when they get into my lane and cut me off, again with clear roads in front of them and often times no one behind me.
2) Driving in the rain.  It rains a lot here, why do so many drivers slow to a crawl as if they have never experienced the phenomenon of rain.  I passed someone going 20, 20!!! on I5 today, the speed limit is 60 and the water wasn't puddling on the interstate.
3) Imagine the snow!  I have seen people slide into a 360 and we were going 10 mph.  I am fairly positive I would have to crank my wheel and slam on my emergency brake to accomplish this.
4)  Using a on ramp, or exit ramp, lane as a passing lane.  For example:  On I5 before you are able to get onto the West Seattle Bridge there is an on ramp with 2 lanes that merge to the one exit only lane.  On a daily basis someone who is already on the interstate will pull over into the far right lane to pass that one or two cars and then merge back over.  Often times this person isn't even exiting so then they will wait until the last minute to merge left, often times causing you to wait for a space to open for them.  Yes, apparently the world does revolve around you!

What bad driving trends have you noticed in your cities?

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