Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Snow in Seattle

Sometimes I forget about the differences between living in Washington state versus Colorado.  There is always the obvious ones such as missing families and different friends, but today I am reminded about the differences in weather.

It snowed while I was visiting Colorado for the twins birthday.  The snow started about 4 pm on Monday night and snowed until around 10 pm and there was probably around 4 inches of accumulation.  There was no obsessive talk about the snow at the twin's party on Sunday.  There wasn't even much news coverage of the snow.

I was nervous driving in the snow for two reasons.  One, I don't drive in the snow as much as I used to.  Two, I would be driving my parents' nice car.  However, I still went out (although I met my friends, at their apartment and rode with them) and my friends still met me out for dinner.  After dinner I still went to watch The Bachelor with my sister and drove home safely (after 3 attempts to get the car up their steep driveway and into the garage).  The next morning the sun was up and shining bright, but the snow hadn't melted at all yet (and the roads didn't appear to have been plowed).  My mom and I still went to the Loveland Rec Center to work out.
My point being that life continues as normal after snow in Colorado, unless the snow is so deep that you actually can't get your car too move through it.  

Compare this to Seattle.  I have been hearing the coverage about the all the snow that existed and was coming to Seattle while in Colorado.  United Airlines canceled their last flight out last night due to the snow, it would have arrived around 10:30 pm.  While we were preparing for landing our captain warned, "In the rare event of an emergency evacuation" which I assumed meant treacherous conditions on the runway.  So, imagine my surprise when we landed and there was no snow.  Alright, there was a tiny dusting on some edges of the road.  The roads and sidewalks at Seatac, by Southcenter Mall and our house were all just wet, if not dry, when I arrived which was between 7:30 and 10 pm.  Also, Seattle Public Schools had a late start and an early dismissal yesterday!

This morning when I woke up there was snow.  It has continued throughout the day and despite Big B and I's efforts the sidewalk outside our house is not clear.  But it still astounds me when it snows here because everyone seems to react as if the world is coming to an end.

Lastly, while I was reading Happiness Is, a blog by another Seattleiete, I saw this YouTube video.  Pretty accurate.

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Kortney said...

I had a hard time getting into Mom and Dad's driveway in the snow the other day too. Hmm... I wonder what the deal is.