Saturday, September 3, 2011

Trying New Things

I have always attempted to be the type of person who will always try something once, well willing to do most things.  Since moving to Seattle I feel like I have tried so many more new things than I was before.  I think part of it has been the wide variety of cultures, lots of different foods and entertainment.  Part of it is branching out to meet new people, different meetings and groups.  Also, trying to get out and about, lots of fairs and events.  I LOVE the amount of new food and activities I have enjoyed since moving to Seattle!

Here are some of them (you should try them, or something similar, if you haven't before):
- Open water swims, I did the GLOWS and the Emerald City Open Water Swim
- Going to fairs by myself and not being self conscious 
- Mud Run, I did the Dirty Dash.  As a side note they just added O'Dell's as a sponsor, so maybe they will be heading to Colorado next year.
- Kayaking  
- Running a race on a parade route, shortly before the parade.  I did the Torchlight Run.  People are cheering for you and the kids all want high fives, talk about some external motivation!
- Participating in Pride Parade


Kortney said...

The Bubble Tea looks interesting but I'm not so sure about the tapioca pearls. Might cause some texture issues for me. :-) I did some searching on the MeetUp website but then I realized with school starting my extra time is limited. I'm still hoping to find a book club and then maybe some time to read the book. Ha! See you soon!

Amanda said...

You can get the Bubble Tea without tapioca pearls. You can also get flavored jellies instead. Next time you visit me we will have to get some, there is a good place a block away.