Monday, June 15, 2009

Running in Fort Collins

Before I moved I decided to run in my two favorite 5 Ks. I have ran in both of them for at least the last 3 years. The first one was the Fast & the Furriest which benefits vet students at CSU. The weather wasn't great (and it had even been rescheduled due to the weather the weekend before - at least we didn't have to run in the snow), but my sister and I did fairly well. After the race my sister and I snapped some photos of the campus during spring time (although the cloud cover isn't usually present).

Outside the Ammons building.
The oval.

In May I volunteered at the Fire Hydrant 5, which benefits the Larimer Humane Society. I really enjoy doing this because I get to run with a dog and interact with lots of people. My companion was a boxer (and I think husky) mix named Yoshi. If I could have kept up his pace we would have ran my fastest time, by far. However, he wore me out in the first mile and I had to walk a lot the last 2 miles. I haven't been that sore from running that distance in a LONG time.
My parents and my sister with their dogs, and Yoshi and I.

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