Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Trip to Savannah

I had a whirlwind trip to go see Big B this past weekend.  It started bright and early on Friday with a flight through Washington DC (Dulles) to Jacksonville, FL.  From there I rented a car (a Chevy Malibu which I would not purchase) and drove to Brunswick, GA.  I was so glad to see Big B!  We ate at a Sushi place (Fancy Q in Redfern Village) in St. Simons Island, went and watched Watchmen (I would not recommend it) and then headed to our not-so-nice Microtel hotel.

Saturday we drove up to Savannah.  I gave Big B the "tour" of the city, although he may disagree on my definition of tour.  We finally found a place to eat and grabbed lunch at Cafe Ambrosia.  My panini was good, but the coffee really hit the spot.  After that we drove down to Tybee Island.  

We strolled on the beach (it was very windy)   
and then enjoyed a St. Patty's Parade...even Big B
 got beads despite his best intentions.
After the parade passed us we headed to our hotel the Hilton Garden Inn (much better).  

After a shower, rest and applying our festive tattoos (unfortunately I did not capture our lovely art work) we headed to dinner at the Boar's Head.  The food 
was delicious although our waiter was a 
bit slow and the appetizer was a total of one crabcake.
After dinner we took part in the Creepy Crawl Pub Tour.  It was a good time, but we had a group of party hardy college students who interfered a bit with our enjoyment.

First bar was The Six Pence Pub.  This pub is supposed to replicate an English Pub.  It seemed like a nice place and they serve food too.  I had a Blue Moon because the original beer I wanted had run out.

The second bar was McDonough's.  I did not go into this bar because I didn't need a drink and it was so crowded.

The third bar was 17Hundred90.  By far my favorite bar, it had 2 large fire places, nice seating areas and beautiful decor included old exposed support beams.  Plus it was not very crowded and had a nice local (not super crowded, touristy, drunk college student celebrating St. Patty's Day) feel.  The only drawback of this bar was that they did not serve beer on tap, so I had a bottle of Yuengling.

The third bar was WG's, again I did not go inside because I didn't need a beer and it was crowded.  However, I guess it is a local favorite and they have great live music.

We ended at Moon River Brewery (I heard the beer was good, but we were unsuccessful in getting served).  

At Moon River we went upstairs to be one with the ghosts.  Supposedly they have tried to renovate numerous times, but they cannot get the crews to stay long enough to finish the project due to the hauntings.  I took some photos to capture the "ghosts" but that only led to more screaming by our drunk and jumpy tourmates.

On Sunday we grabbed lunch at The Pirate House and then toured 
Big B standing by one of the doorways in Fort Jackson.  Hotel/living accomodations don't look so bad after checking out the fort.  Although we still had some stuff in common, such as one soldier's wife sent him cake and pie.  The pie was dry and stale and the cake was moldy.  I have tried to send Big B cookies and brought some with me on the trip.  I am sure the carrot cookies and mint chocolate chip batch were dry because they took almost 3 times longer to get there then expected.  And the other merengue cookies did not do well on my flights.

Later we drove and then walked around a bit.  While driving we saw this green fountain in one of the many squares around Savannah, so we had to walk back to snap a picture of it.  After walking we enjoyed Leopold's, yumm!  
On the way back to the car we encounted a horrible dog fight.  My conclusion of the situation was that a small dog was off leash and growled/snapped at three big dogs walking by.  Those dogs, or dog, reacted and bit the little dog.  We heard the screaming (if you have worked at a humane society you probably have heard this was/is horrible and usually means the dog is VERY hurt).  Then we heard the two owners screaming at each other and then the walker took off.  I wish I could have helped more...or hadn't heard the whole brought back a lot of bad memories from LHS and Brewster's last month.

After walking around we drove back to Brunswick, ate at Shane's Rib Shack, visited Lover's Oak (although we were not able to get a photo with both of us by it since no one else was around. Big B had to go back to the academy, so I drove back to Jacksonville.  I stayed the night at another Hilton Garden Inn and then headed home through Chicago.

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