Tuesday, March 3, 2009


1.  I wish people would stop covering Octo Mom we are just rewarding her pscyhosis.

2.  My coworker introduced me to a new website called TripIt.  It tracks your trips and you can look at your friend's and family's upcoming trips.  You can e-mail flight, hotel or rental confirmation e-mails to it, or add items manually.  Not only will the website organize it into a nice list by date and time, but it adds weather, maps of the surrounding areas and you can check flight statuses.  If you join,  then you should add me as a friend!

3.  I am teaching the cats new tricks.  Mars is learning "paw" a version of high-five.  I started a few days ago and she is already doing it on command (if I have a treat of course).  Clover is learning "sit" although she is not as far along as Mars she still is sitting faster and faster each time.  I want to teach Haley a new trick also, but can't think of anything to teach her.  Does anyone have any ideas?

4.  I have to copy Jenn in this one.  I don't know who is reading my blog.  Other than the few people who are "followers."  So if you are reading this just let me know...sometimes I am just typing to myself.

5.  I am still looking for a job in the Seattle area.  I have applied to 27 jobs as of today.  If you know of any opportunities in that area, or have any connections, let me know!  Time to get ready to work out.  Ohh, that makes me think of one more.

6.  I feel like fitness centers have a responsibility to their clients.  On Saturday I saw a girl there that was definitely too thin to be exercising or lifting weights.  They seem to have this image of skinny perfection and you almost feel like you have to fit into it to workout there (at least at my gym), but I would much rather see someone larger working hard to get healthy then someone so thin working hard to get sicker.


Jenn, Rian and Cameron said...

I am so disgusted with Octu Mom. If I see her on TV, I change the channel so I don't reward her or the station for covering her crazy ass.

KJ said...

Was the thin girl trying to gain muscle weight maybe or just lose weight?

Amanda said...

Maybe....but she wasn't just athletic thin, more along anorexic thin. She seriously looked like a skeleton with skin.