Monday, April 15, 2013

I am not a runner

If you saw me huffing and puffing down the street you definitely wouldn't think, "wow, look at that girl go!"  However, I love participating in races.  Each year I run in a handful of 5ks, a mud run or two and a couple swims.  I don't do these races because I am fast and win some great prices.  I do these races for the sense of camaraderie between the participants and the joy everyone has for challenging their bodies.
What happened in Boston today sickens me.  That someone could hurt people who are challenging themselves, or encouraging others to do their best, is horrid.  This will not stop me from participating in future races, but I know I will have that much more love and respect for my fellow competitors as we line up to run together!

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Curtis Jones said...

Well said! we are proud of your efforts.