Thursday, March 31, 2011

Spring Break!

I started to write a blog about my trip to Las Vegas and just realized that I didn't get beyond this list (in black). I decided to leave the list and add some more explanation in blue. 

Wednesday Big B and I went to Las Vegas with our two friends.
  We went on Wednesday and Big B and I stayed a bit longer than them through Saturday.  This trip was my Valentine's Day present from Big B
 and he went all out.  I didn't leave wishing I had eaten somewhere different and we went to a show and exhibit that I had really been wanting to see.  
We stayed at the New York, New York.  I really enjoyed this casino because there were a lot of reasonably priced food options and the atmosphere is really laid back.  We ate at the burger joint there and then spent some of the evening at the Piano Bar, which as always a good time.
Piano Bar

Thursday On St. Patrick's Day we went to the Bellagio buffet which is definitely one of my favorite places to eat in Vegas.  We gambled in Hooters a bit, we discovered that this is one of the few casinos that has openings at the $5 craps and blackjack tables.  We headed back to New York, New York to see their St. Patrick's Day parade, it was awesome and had bagpipes, which I love.  
We visited Mandalay Bay to check out the new Guinness store, not really worth the side trip in my opinion.  Most of the trip we were on a mission to find cheaper tables.  We went to Sahara and Fremont for this reason.  While we were at Sahara we witnessed a burrito eating contest. 
Fremont we saw this awesome casino with a water slide that goes through an aquarium with sharks.  At Fremont we also had green beer that actually tasted good!  I don't remember what I meant by sports, but we were there during March Madness and I did place some bets.  I didn't win (even though I thought I should have) because I didn't understand what bet I was placing, oh well, lesson learned.  The evening we saw O, absolutely my favorite Cirque de Soleil show that I have seen.  We were all over the place and I logged 29,217 steps according to my fitbit.
Bellagio buffet
Mandalay Bay - Guinness

Friday We had breakfast at La Font, spent some time at Hooters and Sahara.  Then our friends had to catch their plane home.  Big B and I then met an roommate from college at Pour 24, where we again tasted some good beer.  That evening we went to Zumanity.  
La Font
Pour 24

Saturday Our last day in Vegas we had breakfast at the Paris buffet with my  ex-roommate, another favorite place to eat.  We timed it perfectly so that there was breakfast and lunch items available.  We had some more time before our flight left so we check out the Bodies exhibit at the Luxor.  It was so interesting and I had been wanting to see this exhibit for a while now.  We ate lunch at 9 Men and watched some of the March Madness.
Paris Buffet
9 men

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