Sunday, July 12, 2009

This Weekend

We had our first official visitors this weekend.  My friend was in town for the AVMA conference and Big B's dad was in town for the Seattle to Portland Ride.

My friend got into town on Thursday, she went sight-seeing for most of the day until I got off work and was able to pick her up. We decided to head back to my apartment and wait for Big B (who had to work OT) and then eventually we headed to dinner. The plan was to eat at Blue C, but they had closed and locked their doors pre-maturily, so we ended up at Duke's Chowder House, which also has delicious food, and we were just in time for happy hour.

Unfortunately I had to work on Friday, so I dropped my friend off at her hotel for the rest of the week before heading into work. That evening we met up with Big B's dad in the U District and ended up eating at Blue C.

After dinner we walked around the outdoor mall a bit and hoped to get some cupcakes, but they were closed. I am excited to go back to the U District during the day and check out the campus, which looked beautiful even in the dark.

On Saturday, Big B and I became official Washingtonians (we got our licenses...what a pain, but that is another story). After that I headed to Lake Meridian in Kent to check out the Dragon Boat races during the Cornucopia Days. The weather was beautiful and the lake wasn't too crowded.
Later that evening we met up with my friend and some of her friends at Pier 57 and had dinner at Fisherman's Restaurant.

After dinner we walked around Seattle a bit. We had hoped to catch Pike's Place Market when it wasn't too busy, but apparently they close after a certain time...who knew!

Big B's excellent parallel parking job.
Eventually we grew tired of walking around and decided to try to find a bar. We walked, Big B drove and we walked some more...3 hours later we still hadn't find a bar that we could park and find on foot. Eventually we headed to Gordon Biersch which was near my friend's hotel.

My beer sampler at Gordon Biersch. The seasonal Sommerbrau was my favorite, although I had hoped there would be the Dunkelweizen available to taste...since my dad enjoys this beer.

Big B and I walked my friend back to the hotel and then headed to the car, which was covered in popcorn. Who knows how it happened, but there was popcorn all over the hood and top of the car, luckily most of it blew off on the roads and the highway.

When we woke up Sunday it was cloudy and it began raining shortly after that. This is only the 3rd rain since we moved. I went and worked out and then we headed to Seattle again. We decided to ride on the "Ducks" for a tour.
Quickly after the tour began we discovered that we were originally parked just down the road from a bar (or as we drove further, bars) the night before. Below are some photos from our tour.
The green house on the far left is the houseboat from Sleepless in Seattle. After the tour Big B and I headed home to get ready for the week. What a great weekend!

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